PagoDIL 0% financing without regular payslip
Buy without having to pay right away -

An innovative payment service

Zero costs and zero interest,
no payroll -

Ask for PagoDIL in our stores. Just present your Bancomat or BancoPosta Card.

With PagoDIL and thanks to the agreement with Cofidis, C&C allows you to defer the payment of your in-store purchases in up to 12 convenient monthly installments, without cost or interest, charged directly to your checking account.

Deferment is offered by C&C and is subject to approval of the PagoDIL service by Cofidis.

Maximum amount that can be deferred: €3,000.

  • 1
    Present your Bancomat or BancoPosta card
    You don't need a payslip.
  • 2
    Provide your contact details and ID
    Bring your IBAN code, health card, mobile phone, driver's license or passport in with you.
  • 3
    Immediate results
    Maximum speed! The outcome of the transaction is in real time.
You can also request it online at PagoDIL
With PagoDIL, and thanks to an agreement with Cofidis, C&C allows you to defer your payment purchases to 6 convenient installments without additional costs or interest.
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