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Gift Card

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Having it is very easy

You can buy the Gift Card in all C&C stores. You'll just have to choose the amount you want to charge, whatever your budget.

How it works -

If you have received a Gift Card you can use it in all C&C stores: just give it to us when you pay.

It is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and can be used in one or more instalments, until the credit runs out, or until it expires. It is not rechargeable.

It cannot be converted into cash, nor refunded or replaced in the event of loss/theft or if not used, in whole or in part, by the expiry date.

The Gift Card is bearer and can be used by anyone who presents it for purchases in C&C stores.

If the amount of the product you wish to purchase exceeds the value of the Gift Card, you can pay the difference using the payment methods accepted by C&C.

Also designed for companies -

Would you like to thank a customer or your employees for their daily work?

C&C Gift Cards are just the thing for you! Write to us at:

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