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Fidelity card

Award thresholds -

🏆 Award 150

With 150 points you receive an AirTag
🏆 Award 250

With 250 points you receive a cover of your choice for iPhone or MacBook or an Apple strap for Apple Watch
🏆 Award 500

With 500 points you receive AirPods (3rd generation)
🏆 Award 1000

With 1000 points you receive an iPad (9th generation)
🏆 Award 2000

With 2000 points you receive a iPhone 13 or 13 mini (128 GB)
On your 🎂 birthday 🎂 (and for the following 10 days) you can also enjoy exclusive discounts* on the purchase of iPhone, iPads or Macs.

*Cannot be combined with other current promotions .

Duration and conditions -

Your Fidelity Card is free and has no expiration date. You can accumulate points and receive your rewards until Oct. 1, 2024.

From the later date, accumulated and unused points will be reset and a new collection will start again.
Read info and rules.

In store and online -

In store, scan the qr-code you find at the checkout and fill out the form! If you need help, ask our Apple Specialists! Enter your data in the appropriate fields and you will immediately receive a message with the link to your loyalty card! And that's it!

You can subscribe to our loyalty program also online by choosing the C&Cstore nearest to you!

Add your fidelity card to the wallet or leave the message saved on your smartphone, to keep it always with you. When you reach the first useful threshold, you will receive an sms and you will be able to decide whether to discount your points or continue collecting! You will be able to show it in store and pick up directly in store the gift you have chosen!

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