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Next Generation Labs is the second action of the School 4.0 Plan to create labs for the digital professions of the future. The goal is to provide digital skills and job orientation to secondary school students and bring them up close to the actual realities of professional environments.

C&C's Edu team also supports schools in implementing PNRR projects to make the most of available funds useful for educational innovation.

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with SmartArreda

The furniture for the Next Generation Labs is designed to provide a dynamic and modern learning environment.

Furniture solutions, mobile and modular, conceived and created to alternate the classic frontal teaching to the "flipped lesson" where the student becomes the protagonist of learning to carry out group activities, collaborate and create innovative projects.

In fact, these furnishings represent a new, stimulating and creative way of learning that makes technology and student-friendly design its strong point.

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Challenging and engaging training with Comau

Comau has always been committed to collaborating with students and teachers to evolve the use of robotics as a revolutionary learning tool, starting with the e.DO robotics platform.

e.DO is an interactive and flexible open-source robot designed to stimulate creativity and participation in the classroom and outdoors. The robot, which is compatible with Industry 4.0, is developed to help teachers use robotics in an innovative educational journey.

Learning in virtual reality with Wacebo VR

Create a more immersive and engaging learning environment with virtual reality.

Through the use of advanced technology, students can explore and experience places and situations different from their everyday reality and learn in more fun and challenging world.

This type of learning not only helps pupils understand concepts better, but also encourages them to acquire new knowledge in a controlled and safe environment.

ScienceBus mobile science lab

Recreate all classroom experiments with the ScienceBus and enable observation of scientific phenomena in primary and secondary school in the areas of physics, chemistry, biology, physiology and alternative energies.

Carrying out the experiments is simple and guided thanks to the manual included in each kit.

With ScienceBus, you also improve laboratory management thanks to its extreme mobility, which allows you to move from one classroom to another.

Graphics workshop

The graphics lab is a creative and inspiring space where students can express their creativity by designing and creating digital artwork.

With Mac, students can learn to use graphics software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign from the Adobe suite, experiment with colors, shapes and textures, and develop their artistic skills without sacrificing power and reliability.

Completing the solution are Wacom graphics tablets with which digital drawings can be created with precision and control, and Eizo monitors that guarantee the highest quality of image and video resolution.

Thanks to the graphics lab, students then have the opportunity to create original projects, develop technical and artistic skills, and explore new ways of expressing themselves through digital art.

Hevolus: super power to your lessons

Today's teachers need to create immersive learning experiences that can effectively engage all students, no one excluded.

This is possible with Hevo Collaboration, the solution designed to empower teachers 4.0. Teachers can thus build lessons by inserting all the teaching materials they want: pdfs, texts, 3D models, videos and images that already exist or are created ad hoc. While the teacher directs the lesson wearing
the viewer, pupils can interact and collaborate directly on iPads with the elements inserted in the holographic classroom.

SAM Labs, the best kits for Coding, Steam and Educational Robotics.

SAM Labs is an integrated solution for teaching STEAM and Coding in Primary and Secondary schools. The solution provides a complete teaching suite, using a combination of content, lessons, software and hardware to prepare students for the challenges of the future.

SAM Labs Kits are composed of blocks that can be programmed with your own device (Windows 10 computer, android/iOS tablet) that connect via bluetooth and allow for easy and intuitive programming.

With SAM Labs you can also create a Green STEM lab in your school thanks to smart greenhouses: the kits arrive with everything you need, ready-made lessons and greenhouses to assemble.

Augmented reality with iPad

iPad is also the best tool for creating augmented reality labs of great educational value: through dedicated applications, including free ones, it is possible for students and teachers to build interactive learning environments by making their knowledge and skills visible and explorable for anyone to see.

In this way, the experience becomes an everyday learning device again, and lessons can be redesigned as never before.

Reinvent education with Mimaki 3D printers

The use of the 3D printer provides an excellent opportunity to enrich students' learning experience.

With the ability to create three-dimensional objects, students can develop their creative skills and improve their understanding of complex concepts, such as spatial geometry or anatomy.

In addition, with the 3D printer, students' creativity, imagination and active participation are stimulated with increased involvement in the classroom.

De Lorenzo, a laboratory for the digital professions of the future

With the main objective of bringing education closer to the new skills required by the world of work, De Lorenzo has developed a teaching laboratory to reconstruct, through hardware and software systems, the reality in which the new professions are developing, so as to create real experiences as if students were operating in the world of work. The lab aims to develop courses and skills in numerous technological fields: robotics and automation, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity, internet of things, making and 3D/4D modeling and printing, virtual and augmented reality, big data, blockchain, and e-commerce.

It has a modular structure to allow it to be adapted to the different realities and needs of educational institutions, and is composed of a basic module, which contains the devices and tools to implement the Internet and all its functionalities, with workstations for the teacher and students, and thematic modules, consisting of devices and/or application software, for the achievement of the objectives of developing specific skills in different areas.

Learning robotic welding in the classroom with e.DO and Soldamatic

Equipped with everything you need to learn and practice the skills needed to become an experienced and certified welder, the e.DO and Soldamatic solution is comprehensive and scalable and is designed to help meet the many demands of the working world.

Although the automation of Industry 4.0 is driving the need for robotic welders, dedicated training is not easy to find in schools mainly because of the high costs and the need for special safety equipment.

Comau and Seabery offer a comprehensive hands-on training program that can be delivered in any classroom or environment through a multisensory interface. In fact, the e.DO™/Soldamatic simulator replicates a real-life robotic welding environment to provide an acceleration towards Industry 4.0 and to fill the shortage of skilled technical manpower.

Behaviour Labs for neurodevelopmental deficits and inclusion

Educational robotics is an innovative teaching approach based on the use of robots in school with the aim of making teaching more effective and engaging.
In this sense, robotics becomes a pedagogical method that facilitates the work of teachers by transforming lessons into creative, fun, but above all inclusive activities.

The RoboMate method developed by Behaviour Labs is useful for everyone and indispensable for some because it is an excellent mediator to be able to manage and deal with issues related to autism, as interacting with the robot can trigger imitative behaviors in the autistic child.
The child in this way can learn to identify, interpret and use emotional information by increasing his or her ability to adapt to the social context.

Indeed, with RoboMate, software for digital therapy and inclusive and innovative teaching of neurodevelopmental deficits, and neurodegenerative disorders, through humanoid robots, it is possible to stimulate social interaction while acquiring objective metrics through sensors, cameras and ultrasound.

With Smart Space, the classroom becomes without walls with the aim of facilitating the scope of application of technologies designed to evolve the cognitive, emotional, social and linguistic abilities of individuals with special needs. Within "Smart Spaces," technology allows us to "follow" the child with various tools to record his or her progress and create, through interaction with specially programmed tools, direct or teacher-mediated learning opportunities.

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