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Empower the school with efficient device management

Jamf School is a mobile device management (MDM) solution designed specifically for the Education sector. With its intuitive web interface, deploying, inventorying, and securing Macs, iPads, and Apple TVs is easier than ever. Jamf School makes it easy to deploy and manage Apple devices, so you can focus on the classroom.

Jamf School is a powerful and cost-effective MDM tool for today's modern, digital classrooms.
you've been using Apple for years and have many devices at school, or you're just beginning to integrate Apple devices into your learning program, Jamf is the solutions to interact with students in new ways and provide an active learning environment.

Jamf School apps allow you to control and manage your devices quickly and easily.‍
With Jamf Student, students can set up their device and stay focused, through Jamf Teacher, teachers can prepare lessons and communicate with students, and through Jamf Parent, parents can help with homework, without distractions.


Keep track of managed devices, users and apps. See the status of your devices quickly and easily, identify problems to fix them.

Class Management

Classes can be easily managed with a drag and drop of the required apps and content or to configure restrictions. Teachers can request apps through Jamf School which are shared with them by platform administrators.

iBeacon profile assignment

Enables automatic profile assignment using iBeacon technology. Students get automatic access to subject-specific content, while irrelevant content is hidden.

Incident System

Use Incident System to keep track of whether and when devices have been damaged or other types of problems have been detected.


Manage multiple plexuses in a simple way. With plexus support, you can manage each plexus and its devices, users and groups separately by transmitting profiles, apps, etc. plexus by plexus.

Content Caching

It adds the problem of slow internet connection when everyone in the same class needs to download the same file at the same time. Download files that will be used by multiple students to a single device that automatically distributes them to others.
MDM always ready to use

Keep track of managed devices, users and apps. Quickly look at the status of devices and identify any problems with ease.
Classes can be easily managed by drag-and-drop of required apps and content or to configure restrictions. Teachers can request apps with Jamf School and receive them on their device from platform administrators.
Enable automatic profiling using iBeacon technology. Students gain automatic access to subject-specific content, while irrelevant content is hidden.
Use Incident System to keep track of any damage or problems to your devices.
Manage multiple plexuses quickly and easily. With plexus support, you can manage each location and its devices, users, and groups separately by broadcasting profiles, apps, etc.
You can download files that will be used by multiple students to one device first and automatically distribute them to others.
Jamf School Student
Jamf School Student gives students restricted permissions on their devices allowing them to stay focused on their learning without being distracted by irrelevant apps.
With the Jamf School Student app, students can manage their own devices. They can install school-approved apps and use documents stored in their personal iCloud Drive.
Students can send messages to their teachers or use the "Raise Your Hand" feature when the teacher has enabled two-way communication in the app to answer questions immediately.
Jamf School Teacher
Jamf provides teachers with the tools to manage their classrooms and keep students focused on studying. With Jamf School Teacher, you can immediately restrict websites, apps, camera, and more. Or possibly block all student devices with a personalized message.
Make only a defined list of apps available on student iPads. All other apps and their notifications will be temporarily hidden from view.
Prevent access to and use of certain device features, such as the camera, social media, and web browser.
Create a lesson profile to enable apps dedicated to the lesson topic optimizing productivity by inhibiting the visibility of other apps and reducing student distractions.
When Weblock is enabled, students are allowed to visit only faculty-approved sites.
Teachers can access useful articles and multimedia files with tips and tricks for integrated digital teaching.
Teachers can communicate with students to give information and answer questions, using the "chat" function or via email. They receive an instant alert when the student needs help.
Jamf Parent
Jamf Parent uses the power of MDM to provide control tools to parents and families, giving them the ability to restrict apps and features on the student's device. Families can access this feature from Macs, iPads, iPhone and Apple Watch.

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Privacy and security for your teaching -

Jamf Safe Internet

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Learn anywhere in total safety

Jamf Safe Internet is designed to support schools in protecting students from harmful online content.

Students today spend almost twice as much time online as in the past. This leads to a greater need for digital security to prevent cyber attacks and to prevent kids from accessing unsafe online content.

Jamf Safe Internet is a dedicated solution for education that enables students to safely surf the Internet by leveraging Jamf Data Policy and Jamf Threat Defense features.

Jamf Safe Internet integrates seamlessly with Jamf School, the leading mobile device management solution for Education.

Content Filtering Database

A comprehensive content filter, optimized for education and integrated with MDM for simple and effective protection of students and users. Jamf Safe Internet is also designed to enforce usage policies without sacrificing the learning experience offered by Apple devices.

Using Domain Name System (DNS) technology, Jamf Safe Internet allows administrators to create custom content filters based on school needs, without violating privacy or compromising browsing speed.

Quick and easy reports

To manage online threats, it is not enough to rely on the protection tool alone; you need to look at the data and understand the results of your actions.

Thanks to usage statistics in Jamf School, you can keep your devices under control from the first start.

Find out more

Digital security at the heart of the educational experience. Find out how Jamf Safe Internet works with your MDM platform now!

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