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We help teachers unleash the creative potential of every student. We support schools in designing solutions to make learning more inspiring and effective by proposing customized pathways based on objectives.

We pair devices with platforms, management solutions and the expertise of our C&C Teachers, who help turn learning into an exciting journey. We target schools of all levels, enabling them to easily experiment with the use of technology in teaching.

Our Edu team also supports schools in implementing projects to make the most of available funds useful for educational innovation.

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Edugreen, Childhood and NRP

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Andrea Ravelli
Northern Education Area Manager 
+(39) 334 79 05
Ubaldo Luciani
Central Education Area Manager 
+(39) 339 39 90
Antonio Cornelio
Southern Education Area Manager 
+(39) 331 71 03
Emanuele Silvestri
Education Area Manager for the Islands
+(39) 375 59 90
Joshua Miolli
Education Team Coordinator
+(39) 333 29 12

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