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Next Generation Classrooms is the first action of the School 4.0 Plan to transform traditional classrooms into innovative learning environments with the goal of fostering active and collaborative learning, interaction, inclusion and problem solving development.

C&C's Edu team also supports schools in implementing PNRR projects to make the most of available funds useful for educational innovation.


The environment
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with SmartArreda

New teaching methodologies require dynamic environments, spaces capable of changing their settings according to different educational moments. But it is not only about physical environments: maximum attention is also given to technologies with interactive monitors, devices and new solutions that promote immersive experience. Each classroom thus becomes an inclusive and flexible ecosystem that integrates technology and pedagogy.

SmartArreda supports the idea of a new school that can be a dynamic, corporate and open place, a point of reference for the territory that hosts it.

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Digital classrooms with iPads

iPad takes learning everywhere. It is lightweight and has up to 10 hours of battery life to stay connected, anywhere.

It is a versatile tool, perfect for all subjects. It can be used to sketch ideas and draw, touch up photos and videos, create a project and share homework. And even to dive into augmented reality and learn to program. iPad is compatible with apps used every day by teachers and learners, even those from Google and Microsoft. It has built-in accessibility features for vision, movement, hearing and learning.

Learn anywhere in total safety with Jamf

Deploying and securing devices at school and integrating them with the existing infrastructure has never been easier. With the Jamf School MDM solution, all Apple devices can be best managed with simple, intuitive tools available to technicians, teachers and families.

To prevent cyber-attacks and to stop kids from accessing unsafe online content, Jamf Safe Internet is the dedicated solution for education that allows students to safely surf the Internet by leveraging Jamf Data Policy and Jamf Threat Defense features.

Interactive games with Smart Tales

Smart Tales is an innovative made-in-Italy digital educational program designed for elementary school children, offering interactive games based on math and STEM subjects to develop a passion for science in a safe and fun way.

The app is especially useful for elementary school teachers who want to create a stimulating and interactive educational environment for their students.
Smart Tales provides a comprehensive and fun educational experience for children, helping to develop their science skills in a stimulating and interactive way.

Teachers can use games and stories as teaching tools to teach complex topics in an accessible and engaging way, having a wide range of interactive and engaging content to promote their students' cognitive development.

Collaborative learning according to Wacebo

Revolutionize teaching with interactive and customizable multimedia content. DabliuTouch monitors are designed to stimulate learning and collaboration among students like never before.

With interactive tables you have maximum performance and ease of use through simultaneous interaction, ideal for training sessions and collaborative work. And with the TeachBus system you recharge and transport your devices to classrooms in complete safety and convenience.

All projects are truly at your fingertips with Dabliu Pen +: write, draw, digitize and share. You can access your library of work in just a few steps with the built-in app.

Complete the solution the Video Wall Displays, LED backlight technology for an unprecedented viewing experience: crisp, immersive details and an ultra-thin bezel.

Logitech: tools designed to give you an edge

Allow students to express themselves and learn intuitively with the right tools to unleash their creativity.

Whether it's presentations, illustrations or any other type of learning, in the classroom or at home, pupils get an extra boost with Logitech.

Hevolus: super power to your lessons

Today's teachers need to create immersive learning experiences that can effectively engage all students, no one excluded. This is possible with Hevo Collaboration, the solution designed to empower teachers 4.0. Teachers can thus build lessons by inserting all the learning materials they want: pdfs, texts, 3D models, videos and images that already exist or have been created ad hoc.

While the teacher directs the lesson wearing the visor, pupils can interact and collaborate directly on iPads with the elements inserted in the holographic classroom.

Google Partners for Education

Through the Google for Education partnership, we offer product-related sales, training, deployment, and technology solutions, including Chromebooks, Chrome Education Upgrade, and Google Workspace for Education.

Discover products and services that help you transform teaching and learning at school.

Powerful tools with Office 365 Education

With Office 365 Education, students and teachers can register to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and now Microsoft Teams for free, as well as additional tools for the classroom.

Office 365 offers familiar applications and always-accessible files that update in real time to simplify collaborative document creation across Windows, Android, iOS and devices.

Using Office 365 Education in the classroom, students gain a range of skills as they learn how to use useful applications for the future.

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