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Apple Certified Support

We offer certified Apple support throughout Italy: fast, compliant and attentive to customer needs.

We're here to help you -

We are qualified, Apple-trained technicians and use only genuine Apple parts to keep your device under warranty and safe from tampering.

You can find us nationwide at our Apple Authorized Service Centers. Learn more

We reset the distance -

We offer hardware repairs with free pick-up and drop-off , and online Apple support for software issues.

Call 080 5622398 or chat
or email serviceonline@cec.com

Common questions

What do I do before I bring my device to your Apple Service Center?

It is important to back up your data. Do you need help? Watch the video

I have to take my iPhone in for service, and I don't want to be without...

Don't panic, we offer you a replacement device for as long as it takes to repair your device. Learn more

How much does it cost to replace the battery of my iPhone?

You can find out more about battery replacement costs iPhone on this page.

How long does it take to repair my Apple device?

The service times of the devices are variable. We recommend that you contact the Service Center where you would like to receive more detailed information.

My iPad's display broke. What can I do?

iPad does not require a screen replacement, but the entire device. The cost varies by model, so you can go to one of our Apple Authorised Service Centres and request support.

Be careful of non-original parts.
Some counterfeit or third-party power supplies and batteries may not be manufactured properly and could lead to safety issues with your device. Non-genuine replacement displays may also compromise visual quality and may not function properly. To ensure you receive certified Apple service, we recommend you contact our qualified technicians who perform only Apple-authorized repairs and use only genuine parts.

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