We are an Apple Authorized Service Center

Our technicians are trained by Apple and use only genuine parts:
you can rely on us for all your devices. 

Your Apple product will be fully functional again.
C&C technicians use Apple-approved diagnostics and tools for every repair.
This means that all of our repairs are certified and guaranteed by Apple. 

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  • Only original spare parts
  • Apple-certified technicians who are constantly updated on official diagnostic procedures and tools
  • Service on all Apple devices regardless of warranty coverage period
  • Hardware repairs with free home pickup and drop-off and online software support. Call 800 121 660 or chat or e-mail us at help@cec.com

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Alternatively, schedule an appointment with a Specialist
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Can't reach one of our stores? Contact us at
toll-free number 800 121 660 or
text us now on Whatsapp at 320 0823 212.

Repair status

Enter the service number and serial number of your device to see how far along your device is in the repair process.

The estimated time for repair can vary from 1 to 10 business days depending on the availability of genuine Apple parts.

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C&C Care

A service that covers accidental damage to your Apple devices!

C&C Care includes unlimited repair work, activate it in store or on our e-commerce.

Courtesy phone

When you bring your device to one of our Service Centers, you will receive a iPhone SE on loan for the time it takes to repair your device. When it is ready, you will receive a message and can come and pick it up, returning the device we gave you as a courtesy*.

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Common questions

What do I do before I bring my device to your Apple Service Center?

È importante effettuare il backup dei dati. Hai bisogno di aiuto? leggi qui

I have to take my iPhone in for service, and I don't want to be without...

Niente panico, ti offriamo un dispositivo sostitutivo per il tempo necessario a riparare il tuo device.

How long does it take to repair my Apple device?

The service times of the devices are variable. We recommend that you contact the Service Center where you would like to receive more detailed information.

My iPad's display broke. What can I do?

iPads do not involve replacing the screen, but rather the entire device. The price varies by model, you can go to one of our Apple Authorized Service Centers and ask for support.

Customer Responsibility
* By adhering to the service, the customer agrees to assume, from the time of collection and until the actual return, all responsibility (criminal and civil for personal injury and / or property damage) with particular regard to the custody and care in the use of the device rented on a fixed-term basis owned by the bailing company that is C&C S.p.A. The customer agrees to return to C&C S.p.A. the telephone granted to him as a courtesy in the same condition and with the same equipment as soon as he requests its return, even if the customer's device is not yet available, repaired or replaced by technical assistance. For anything not agreed upon, reference will be made to the rules of the Civil Code in the manner of gratuitous loan. C&C S.p.A. will charge a price of 30€ for the entire duration of the comodato, which will effectively end when the product left for service is ready for collection. It will be the customer's responsibility to return the product no later than 3 days from the date the repair is completed. Exceeding this timeframe, an additional €5 will be charged for each day of delay. The device must be picked up no later than 60 days. After this period has passed, C&C reserves the right, without the owner's consent, to dispose of the device independently to recover the costs incurred. In case of repairable damage to the rented device, C&C S.p.A. will charge up to 339€; in case of theft or loss of the rented device, C&C S.p.A. will charge 449€.